J.R. Smith Makes A Poster Over Gary Neal’s Head (Video)

Let me guess how all this transpired. The Denver Nuggets’ J.R. Smith probably approached the San Antonio Spurs’ Gary Neal at some point during the game and the following conversation ensued:

J.R.:  “Look dude, I’m trying to make myself a wicked awesome poster so that I have something to give all of my family members and friends for Christmas, but these photographers don’t seem to be interested in snapping a picture of me while I am shooting a three-pointer.  You think you can help a brother out and get under the rim so that I can perform a nasty slam on you?

Neal:  “Sure thing J.R.  I was actually hoping to get myself on a poster as well.  Where should I stand?”

J.R.: “At the top of the restricted area should do.”

Neal: “Sounds good.  Just try to keep your crotch out of my face.”

J.R.: “I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything.”

Well, at least J.R. was honest.  Here is a look at his nasty posterization of Neal.

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