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<a href=" The Intentional Lifestyle – Family Health uploads/2010/12/Portuguese-Futsal-Legend-Ricardinho-Scores-A-Beauty-Using-The-Dolphin-Kick.jpg”>Whether the sport is soccer or futsal, the goals don’t get much better than this one scored by Ricardinho.  Playing in Japan’s futsal league for the Nagoya Oceans, the Portuguese legend has put together a number of highlight reel clips, but nothing he has done in the past was quite as impressive as the move he pulled off in a recent game.

After delivering a pass back to his teammate, Ricardinho found some open space in front of the opposition’s goal.  He would then proceed to take a return pass and dolphin-kick the ball over the head of the opposing keeper, capping off what may very well be the most sensational futsal goal ever scored.

Better than Falcão’s?  It just might be!

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