Picture Of The Day: Is That Helmet Really Necessary?

I am all for athletes’ safety and the prevention of concussions and other head injuries, but are helmets really necessary in volleyball?  How does one even sustain a head injury in such a sport?  Perhaps a spike to the skull could cause a rather painful headache, but that should teach you to get your hands up.  And the last time I checked there wasn’t any body contact in the sport.  In fact, there doesn’t appear to be any contact at all!

Captured in the image above is Cal’s Robin Rostratter.  Apparently her helmet was recommended to her by the school’s sports medicine staff after she sustained a concussion following a collision with one of her teammates during her freshman year.  Rostratter says that wearing the helmet “just alleviates some of the worrying.”  So with Robin now free to run recklessly around the court, perhaps some of her teammates should consider wearing a helmet as well.

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