Argentine Fans Storm The Field, Strip Players Of Their Uniforms (Video)

The hooliganism in South American soccer took a rather disturbing turn for the worse this weekend following a game between the Argentine first division’s Dock Sud and Juventud Unida.  After the final whistle sounded, fans stormed the field and tore the uniforms off the players of Dock Sud.

Seemingly expecting the looting to take place, players from both teams hurried to the locker room immediately after hearing the final whistle blow, but several players were unable to escape.  As a result, they were forced to stand there as fans stripped them of their jerseys and shorts, leaving them to walk off the field wearing nothing but their shoes and underwear.

As for the lucky fans who were able to get their hands on the game-worn apparel, they were forced to use their fists in order to fend off several other souvenir-hungry fans who found themselves empty-handed at the time.

Hat Tip – [Globo Esporte]

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