Jeff Salazar Gets KO’s During Mexican Winter League Brawl (Video)

Six players have been suspended following a brawl between Mexicali Aguilas and Obregon Yaquis of the Mexican Pacific League.  Things got heated between the two teams after Jeff Salazar stole second base with his team up 6-1.  That act caused Mexicali pitcher Alejandro Martinez to aim his ensuing pick-off attempt at the leg of Salazer, who began exchanging words with Mexicali second baseman Oswaldo Morejon before the fists began to fly.

With Salazar’s attention focused on Morejon, Martinez attacked the Yaquis left fielder from behind, knocking him out cold.  Players from both teams stormed the field and the fighting continued for a few minutes before cooler heads could prevail.  However, the peace did not last for long as another fight broke out inside the Aguilas dugout.

When it was all said and done, Mexicali’s Morejon and Martinez were suspended for four games, while Moe Munoz received only a one-game suspension.  As for Salazar, he was suspended for a single game, while his teammates, Emil Brown and Agustin Murillo, both receiver two-game suspensions.

Here is a look at the entire incident.

Hat Tip – [Baseball de World]

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