Panathinaikos Chased Off The Pitch By Their Own Fans (Video)

Booing appears to be the most common way for sports fans to voice their displeasure with their slumping clubs.  However, in recent weeks we have seen some rather interesting alternatives being deployed throughout the world.  A few weeks earlier, fans in Toronto could be found pelting their hometown Maple Leafs with Eggo Waffles.  As for the fans of Panathinaikos, they are a lot less forgiving.

With the economic situation in Greece continuing to cripple many of its citizens, the Panathinaikos fans raised a banner prior to their struggling club’s game against Olympiakos Volou, which read the following:

“We are jobless and you wallow in luxury. Respect (the team symbols), patience is running thin.” [Yahoo]

Unfortunately, that did nothing to inspire the Panathinaikos players as they fell to Volou by a score of 1-0, causing fans to pelt them with objects, chase them off their home field, and attack the VIP stands.  Here is a look at how things transpired.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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