Texans Teammates Fight One Another (Video)

The last time the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans hooked up a brawl ensued between the two teams, which lead to the ejection of Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan.  Things got heated once again when these two teams met yesterday afternoon, but this time the Tennessee Titans’ players managed to stay out of it, leaving the Texans’ players with no one to fight but their own teammates.

Following a Kerry Collins sack, the Texans’ Antonio Smith found himself tied up with a member of the Titans.  Looking to play peacekeeper, Brian Cushing quickly intervened, grabbing his teammate and pushing him away.  However, that did not sit too well with Smith, who could be seen jawing with Cushing before ripping off the linebacker’s helmet.  Oddly enough, the officials did not see Smith remove his teammate’s helmet and flagged Cushing for removing his own helmet on the field of play, because in their eyes a player tearing the helmet off his teammate’s head is just to hard to believe.

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