Leafs’ Coach Ron Wilson Conducts Shortest Post-Game Press Conference Following Another Waffle Attack (Videos)

I had a feeling those Eggo Waffles weren’t going away any time soon.  At least not as long as the Toronto Maple Leafs continue to struggle.  And a turn around did not appear to be on the horizon last night when they took on the Atlanta Thrashers in the comfort of their own Air Canada Center.  Although, home games haven’t been all that comfortable for the Leafs lately.

Two weeks after being pelted by fans with Waffles following a home loss to the Philadelphia Flyers, the Leafs were greeted with the breakfast treat once again, this time while trailing the Atlanta Thrashers by a score of 5-1 midway through the third period of last night’s game.

The waffles weren’t the only thing raining down on the Leafs as the fans also showered the hometown team with boos and chants of “Fire Wilson.”  So how did head coach Ron Wilson feel about the night’s activities?  Not too good.  Judging by his bid to conduct the shortest ever post-game press conference, it appears as though he was looking to get out of town as quickly as possible.  And he’ll be able to do just that with the Leafs’ next game scheduled for Boxing Day in New Jersey.

Doesn’t this look like a man who could sure use a little Christmas cheer?  And perhaps a first-line center from Santa?

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