Who Is That Man Who Took A Punch During The Lingerie Football Brawl? (Video)

Yesterday we provided you with footage of a brawl that broke out at the end of a Lingerie Football League game between the Tampa Breeze and the Miami Caliente.  It was perhaps the greatest thing that could have happened to the LFL (besides having one of their players depantsed), and now there is another video released of the incident that has us wondering just who that man taking a punch to the face from a Miami Caliente player is?

Being filmed from a distance, yesterday’s video caught most of the action, but it didn’t catch this.  At about the 17 second mark, a man with long dreadlocks can be seen entering the melee and tossing aside a Caliente player.  That was enough to anger one of her nearby teammates, who responded by unleashing a vicious looking punch to his face.

So who exactly is this female-tossing, face-for-a-punching-bag man?

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