Anderson Silva’s Roundhouse To The Head Is Kickboxing’s KO Of The Year (Video)

When you mention the name Anderson Silva, most people immediately think of the UFC’s Middleweight Champion.  However, the other Anderson Silva that is currently fighting in the European kickboxing circuit appears to be making a name for himself thanks to this devastating roundhouse kick to the head that knocked out Freddy Kemayo in the first round of their bout at “Fightclub Presents: It’s Showtime 2010.”

The kick occurred 1:15 into the fight, knocking Kemayo out cold on his feet and cutting him open on the side of his head.  We will not go so far as to say that Kemayo’s brain was leaking from his head, but hearing that was the case certainly wouldn’t surprise us.  And after taking a look at the following clip, you will probably feel the same way.

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