The Aussie Rules Sex Scandal, According To Taiwanese Animation (Video)

Yesterday we received news of a developing sex scandal that has taken the Aussie Rules Football League by storm.  However, at the time we didn’t necessarily feel the need to make any mention of it on our website.  After all, it seemed like just another one of your typical sex scandals that we have heard about over and over throughout the past year.

A 17-year-old high school student by the name of Kim Duthie is claiming to have had sex with several AFL players, including members of the St. Kilda club, whom she claims impregnated her during one of their encounters (the child was stillborn).  As for the players involved in the scandal, they were not punished because the sex was deemed consensual and Duthie lied about her age.  Displeased with the way she was treated during the entire investigation, Duthie has now taken her fight to facebook, where she released two nude photos of the St. Kilda players and claims to have 19-21 more, including images involving the use of drugs.

Seems like some pretty wild stuff.  However, we tend to refrain from posting images of naked males on our website, leaving us with little reason to even talk about it, until now.  Thanks to this animated recreation of the entire incident, we have no choice but to now consider this story post-worthy.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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