The Capitals Celebrate Victories With Some Jersey Shore Style Fist-Pumping (Video)

It appears as though a picture wasn’t the only thing that came out of Alex Ovechkin’s meeting with Ronnie from Jersey Shore.  With viewers of HBO’s 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic finally getting a glimpse of the Washington Capitals following a victory, they were treated to one of the strangest post-win rituals around the NHL…

Locker room gino beats and fist-pumping!

I am not sure what the name of the song is, but it can be heard blasting from the stereo following every Capitals victory as the players pump their fists in the air to the beat.  The win appeared to take an incredible amount of weight off the team’s shoulders, as they could be heard screaming, yelling and cheering from the visitors locker room after defeating the Ottawa Senators by a score of 3-2.

And when they finally decided to give their vocal cords a rest, a new sound took over.

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