10 Greatest Sports Bloopers of 2010

“Bloopers” might be the wrong term for this list, but it’s the best-known, so we’re using it anyway. A blooper is generally taken in with humor. Lots of the screw-ups on this list are funny, but a few are awful. But still kinda funny. When professional athletes are beset with bad fortune, it makes us feel a little better, perhaps because their impenetrable shield of grace and perfection is torn down for just a minute. Or because it’s funny to see people hurt themselves in celebration. Don’t read too much into them. Just enjoy.

10. Yankees Fan vs. Foul Ball

This makes the list because it’s just so sweet. We’ve all dealt with these fans before. Most of us have been these fans before. However, I would be the first one to admit that if I was yapping away on a cell phone during a sporting event, not paying attention, I deserve whatever the sports Gods throw my way. And if I was a Yankee fan? Well, I’d wear a helmet everywhere I went. That’s for sure.

9. Galarraga’s Almost Perfect Game

Apologies for the quality of the video, but until the MLB decides to let people with internet connections enjoy their sport, it’s going to be this way. Lest we only pile blame onto the players of sport, let’s take a look at this clip in which a referee screws up, costing a deserving pitcher a little bit of immortality. Oh well. Accidents happen. If Galarraga is really deserving, he should have no problem pitching another perfect game.

8. Matt Dodge

I could put a lot more in this item’s description than simply “Matt Dodge,” but I think there’s beauty in the simplicity. No one is having a worse year than Matt Dodge (for Coach Coughlin, no less), and his struggles are encapsulated in this video. It’s not entirely his fault, but he’s the easiest guy to blame for the screw-up, so we’ll keep calling this video “Matt Dodge.” It will be weeks before we know the full ramifications of this play, but it sure was cool to watch, even if you think that Eagles fans belong in the zoo, which they do.

7. Dan Boyle Wins the Game for the Other Team

Own goals are the crown jewel of sports bloopers. I don’t even play hockey and I know that you never cross the puck through your own crease. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Own goals are always embarrassing, but when they win the game for the other team, they are devastating. The best part of the whole clip? Watching the other team laugh at their good fortune. That’s gotta sting.

6. Kendry Morales Grand Slam/Broken Leg

This one would be higher on the list, but the fact is, Morales didn’t pull some DeShaun Jackson-type ridiculous stunt. He hit his grand slam, rounded the bases, and crossed home plate in a rather understated fashion. Maybe he did something horrible like traffic children or something before he became a baseball player. Or maybe his teammates should be better at taking care of the guy that single-handedly wins games for them. In credit to Morales, he handled a broken leg pretty well. Aside from the grimace, you would think it was all part of the celebration.

5. Robert Green Lets a Slow Roller Pass By

You know what job has a fair amount of pressure under the best circumstances? Goalkeeper for the English national team. So when the tabloid mecca were able to get their hands on England’s keeper for letting this soft shot pass by, they showed no mercy. And frankly, they shouldn’t have. It was inexcusable. Maybe next time he’ll remember not to suck. His blunder cost England the win, making them settle for a tie with America. Even as an American, I felt guilty about this one.

4. Brett Favre’s Bad Decision

I know the title of this entry is hopelessly vague in a year filled with bad Favre decisions, but this one actually doesn’t refer to his penis. It refers to him costing his team a trip to the Super Bowl, possibly due to senility brought about by old age. With his team in field goal range, Favre lets fly on a pass when he should have thrown it away or ran it. It’s not unreasonable to say that this marked the beginning of Favre’s worst year in football, possibly in life. Or maybe it was the day his wife got him that cell phone…

3. Chivalry’s Death Rattle – Houston Fan Bails on Foul Ball

When a foul ball heads towards a young couple in left field, the “man” bails, allowing his date/girlfriend/escort to be hit by the ball. Unfortunate. It was a lame move by the kid, but what’s funniest is how riled up the broadcast team is about the whole thing. They stop just shy of screaming “DUMP THE BASTARD!” to the girl, who handles it as gracefully as can be expected. Bruises to your body heal. Bruises to your ego heal too, but they take a lot longer.

2. Slam Dunk Champion Has Trouble Dunking

Jason Richardson won the Slam Dunk Contest in 2003. That means he should be able to throw down a uncontested one-hand jam to win the game for his team. He should be able to do that, but he can’t. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Sometimes dunks just bounce out. Anyway, he missed the dunk, which is always good for a chuckle, but his failure resulted in the Spurs winning the game. And when a screw-up by a Sun results in a Spurs win, they’re gonna be talking about it in Phoenix.

1. Sven Kramer

This is one you might not have heard of in 2010. Or if you had, you probably don’t remember, cause it has to do with long-distance speed skating.

Dutch favorite Sven Kramer was on his way to knocking out not only Olympic gold in the 10,000M race, but finished with the world record easily in hand. Instead of basking in glory, he got…nothing. Why? Because he crossed into the inside lane, which, apparently, you can’t do if you have been assigned the outside lane. You would think a speedskater would know that. Failing that, you would think their coach would. But his coach was the one who told him to do it. There are probably like three rules in speedskating. The coach should be aware of all three. No wonder Kramer looks so disgusted after getting torn from cloud nine.

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