Reed’s Jacket, Reed’s Jacket, Reed’s Jacket Is On Fire! (Video)

The Baltimore Ravens have been on fire lately, and so too has Ed Reed, literally!

At one point during Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns, Reed grabbed a jacket and headed right for the nearest heater, but while that combination may have seemed like a good idea to help the Ravens’ safety keep warm, it ended up being enough to light a fire under his ass.

Cameras caught footage of Reed’s jacket begin to smoke up.  Thankfully he was able to get it off before any real damage could be done, but there was simply no denying the fact that Reed was the hottest player on the field yesterday afternoon at Cleveland Browns Stadium.  In addition to having his jacket set on fire, the ball-hawking defensive back recorded two interceptions in the Ravens’ 20-10 victory, helping them clinch a playoff spot.

Hopefully Reed can continue to stay hot without the need for another sideline fire drill.

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