11 Hottest Female Fan Moments of 2010

Because we are men of science at TPS, this list was compiled taking in two separate criteria. The hotness of the fan and the overt sexual nature of their acts. If the girls is like a 7 and is just clapping, she’s not gonna make it. If she’s a 7, and she’s giving her man a lapdance while Wade Phillips is losing a game for the Cowboys, looking befuddled, she’s on the list. It’s that simple. Conversely, if there is footage of a crazy-hot Brazilian girl reading a book or texting during a World Cup game, she could make it too, because her hotness more than outweighs her mundane activities. See?

Try not to get bogged down in our methods as we countdown the hottest fans of 2010 and hopefully look towards 2011 for new hotness.

11. Female Siena Fan Flashes the Camera (Sort Of)

This one doesn’t place higher on the list cause it’s just not that racy. Her heart’s in the right place, but she’s all, “ I’m gonna go crazy! Here’s my t-shirt!” It’s not doing it for me. If that was Arizona State, I can’t even tell you the things this girl would be doing to celebrate. I don’t know much about Siena, but this quick vid suggests that “party school” is not an apt description. Prove me wrong, Siena. Prove me wrong.

10. X-Games Fan Offers a Flash Of Brilliance

This girl should legally change her name to the X Games Fantasy Factory. Note the 8 year-old kid encouraging her to lift up her shirt. AND SHE DOES! That never happens. When the guys on the motorcycles flying through the air and doing flips are the second-most exciting thing going on the arena, this girl is doing something right.

9. Statue of Liberty Lady at the World Cup
The likeness of the Statue of Liberty isn’t all that hot. Which makes good sense, since she’s supposed to represent the greatest things about the spirit of our country, not offer spank bank fodder for 150 million American men. Well, this enthusiastic World Cup fan decided that the spank bank angle had been criminally overlooked. She attended every game in a USA flag bikini and that oh-so-sexy hat. Sweet land of liberty indeed. She didn’t help us win the World Cup, but she helped us enjoy it a little more.

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8. World Cup Fan Shows How to Properly Blow a Vuvuzela

This is by far the only good thing that ever came from those awful Vuvuzelas. And it in no way makes up for all the awfulness caused by those infernal noise machines.

7. Dallas Cowboys Lap Dance

This passionate fan has chosen to channel her enthusiasm for mediocre football through the art of erotica, bumpin’ and grindin’ on what is presumably her boyfriend until security suggested she stop. The good news is that it took two minutes for security to get there, which is actually almost as long as a lap dance at a strip club. Unfortunately, prices at Cowboys Stadium are actually higher than they are strip clubs, and there’s less nudity, so it might not be that great a deal for ticketholders. But for us cheap bastards with YouTube, it’s great.

6. Larissa Riquelme Promises to Get Naked

This name may not mean much to you unless you’re a Paraguayan soccer fan. If you are a Paraguayan soccer fan, we would just like to take this opportunity to say thanks for visiting Total Pro Sports, the world’s #1 destination for all things Paraguayan soccer or “futbol.”

Well, Larissa is a model that’s also a big fan of her nation’s team. Or she’s a model that has been paid a lot of money to look hot at Paraguayan team games. Whatever. The important thing is she’s there, and she’s hot, which are the only two prerequisites for making the cut on this list. The fact that she promised to run through the streets naked if Paraguay won doesn’t hurt either. Unfortunately for the world, Spain killed that dream.

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