Tucker Carlson Thinks Michael Vick Should Have Been Executed (Video)

After serving 21 month in prison and two months in home confinement for his involvement in an interstate dog fighting ring, Michael Vick was reinstated by the NFL and given a second chance by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009.  One year later, Vick has not only taken over the starting quarterback job in Philadelphia, but he has also guided his team to top spot in the NFC East and was recently named the starting quarterback on the NFC’s Pro Bowl roster.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Vick has come a long was since his days in the Kansas penitentiary, and while most are happy to see him turn things around and make his way back onto the football field, Tucker Carlson believes he should be in a grave somewhere.

While filling in for Sean Hannity on the Fox News show Hannity, Carlson opened up a segment on President Obama’s approval of giving Vick a second chance with the following statement:

“President Obama, it has been confirmed by the White House, called the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, and during the course of their conversation, thanked him for giving Michael Vick a second chance.  Now I’m a Christian, I’ve made mistakes myself, and I believe fervently in second chances, but Michael Vick killed dogs and he did in a heartless and cruel way. And I think personally that he should have been executed for that, and he wasn’t.

Some rather harsh words from the Fox News conservative commentator.  Still in jail serving a life sentence for murder?  Perhaps.  But the death sentence?  The only thing that would have made such a comment even more foolish was if Carlson had been wearing one of his idiotic bow ties while making it.

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