11 Viral Sports Videos That Made Us Say WTF?

5. Indian Pole Gymnastics

Until seeing this, I had thought that the men’s gymnastic performances on the rings were the greatest feats of strength, pound for pound, that I’d ever seen. Cirque de Soleil will probably be featuring this guy in about 8 months. If not, you can bet he will probably make an appearance in Ocean’s Fourteen. It’s pretty upsetting to see a guy do something casually a hundred times once you realize that you could train your whole life and probably not even climb the pole.

4. World’s Longest Basketball Shot

From what I understand, these guys are a team that go around and toss basketballs through hoops from far away. For a living. They travel around and bounce balls off of walls and on the 16,437th attempt, it goes in. I’m not terribly impressed with this move, but I do appreciate that the guy only had one ball when he threw it. Did they have to run the ball up after every attempt? They don’t seem smart, but that’s a little ridiculous.

There doesn’t seem to be any documentation that this thing is fake, but the ball goes out of frame on the bottom-up vantage point, so I’ll take this miracle shot with a grain of salt for…ever.

3. HS Baserunner Leaps the Catcher

The most watched YouTube sports clip of the year is brought to us courtesy of Brian Kownacki of Fordham. Everyone’s probably seen this clip already, but we would be remiss if we didn’t include it on the list. The video is pretty astounding on its own merits, but I enjoy the fact that someone with talent got more YouTube hits than that “Chocolate Rain” guy.

2. Walking on Water

I can’t tell if this is impressive or not, let alone whether or not it’s real, but it’s damn strange. Somehow, wearing hippie trail running shoes allows Australians to carry themselves like Jesus. That was my big takeaway here. I don’t understand the physics, nor do I want to, but I would appreciate someone who does understand the physics to tell me whether or not this is actually doable. If this is possible, I would like Obama to pledge to convert water into wine by the end of the upcoming decade.

1. 7th Grader Dunks. Hard.

I once saw an 8th grader dunk when I was in 8th grade. It was not very impressive. He had difficulty palming the ball, so it looked like a glorified finger roll that required three dribble-free steps to approach the rim.

This kid is 12 or 13 years old and seems to have no problem with the approach or palming the ball. Sure, Blake Griffin will have the dunk game on lockdown for a few years, but this one could be finishing his NBA-required single year of college just in time for a changing of the guard.

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