Frozen Fisticuffs Fight Of The Night – Janssen vs. Barch – 1/2/11

What better way to start off the new year than with an early candidate for “Fight of the Year.”  And when we say “Fight of the Year”, we are not only talking about hockey.  Instead, we are referring to just about every fist-throwing sport you can imagine, including mixed martial arts, boxing, and even kickboxing.

That is not an easy honor for two hockey players to earn, but the St. Louis Blues’ Cam Janssen and the Dallas Stars’ Krys Barch were certainly up for the challenge when they dropped their gloves and exchanged blows during a first period fight last night.  While most fights featured on our daily “Frozen Fisticuffs Fight of the Night” are impressive, this one appeared to be a cut above the rest as both combatants were looking to make every punch count throughout this exciting exchange of vicious haymakers.

For all you fight fans out there, this is one bout you wont want to miss.  Trust me.

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