15 Ridiculously Hot College Cheerleader Pictures: BCS Edition

While the playoff system may not be in effect, we do have the BCS to determine the kings of college football, for whatever that’s worth. And where there are kings, there are queens. so from the ten teams remaining after New Year’s Eve, we drew the 15 best examples of their student bodies. Fortunately, the best football schools often have the best cheerleaders, so it’s a deep well from which we draw. You can read more writing, or we can get to the girls. Cool? Cool.

15. Auburn

The rankings really don’t matter much when you have the top two teams playing in the championship, so Auburn and Oregon are on equal footing from a practical standpoint. For football. As far as cheerleaders go, you always want to go with an SEC team if you get the chance. Let’s see how this plays out…

14. Oregon

Hmmm…this might not be the blowout that everyone expects. Let’s take a moment to regroup. While we do, let’s take a look at the ladies from the also-rans. This isn’t YMCA. Not everyone’s gonna be a winner.

13. Connecticut

When people think of college football excellence, they think of the University of Connecticut. Just kidding. They don’t. But this pic might cause people to reevaluate their perception of cheerleaders in northeastern schools.

12. Oklahoma

Oklahoma – boring state, good football team. Lots of prairie in Oklahoma, fortunately, the cheerleaders more than make up for the flatness.

11. Stanford

Stanford may have knocked off USC (temporarily) as the Cali football powerhouse, but no matter how hot their cheerleaders may be, USC will always have the edge in their uniforms.

10. TCU

Their name says “Christian.” Their outfits say anything but. (Ok, the outfits look a little Christian, but I didn’t want to let go of that little gem.)

9. Wisconsin

Last time I got tossed by two badgers, I had to get a rabies shot. But after viewing this picture, I’d do it again.

8. Virginia Tech

Normally, I’m not a huge “purple and orange” fan, but I have a feeling this one could convert me. Sorry, Steve Nash.

7. Arkansas

“Hogs” is not the first word that comes to mind…

6. Ohio State


5. Auburn

I’m seeing double! Four cheerleaders!

4. Auburn

I just love the SEC…and I didn’t even go to school there. Anyone who doesn’t is a communist. It’s all whiskey and women. And, of course, a wonderful, wonderful education.

3. Oregon

The Mightiest Duck.

2. Oregon

In case you didn’t know who you were rooting for…

1. Oregon

Ducks win.

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