Russian Under-20 Hockey Team Kicked Off Flight After Night Of Celebratory Drinking (Video)

It isn’t everyday that a hockey team finds themselves trailing 3-0 going into the final period of a Gold Medal game against a powerhouse like Canada, and manages to claw their way back on route to a victory.  The Russians managed to do just that last night in Buffalo during the final game of the 2011 World Junior Championships, and they celebrated their amazing accomplishment accordingly, hitting up the hotel bar for a few drinks.  Although, judging by reports this morning from several media outlets, it appears as though some of the players may have had a few too many.

After scoring five unanswered goals in the third period to come back from a 3-0 deficit in front of thousands of Canadian fans, the Russian players celebrated their unlikely win by drinking the night away.  So how bad did the drinking get?  So bad that 30 members of the Russian contingent were forced to exit a Delta Airlines flight for being “unruly” after boarding the plane early Thursday morning.

After arriving for their flight at 6:10 am this morning at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, the team was turned back by the flight crew.  A spokesperson for the airline company issued the following statement:

“To ensure the safe operation of the flight, the crew of Flight 1266 denied boarding to 30 passengers who were travelling together and displaying unruly behaviour,” Delta spokeswoman Susan Chana Elliott said. “The passengers are being rebooked on a future flight.”

The flight crew weren’t the only ones who became aware of the Russians’ over-the-top night-long celebration.

“They were definitely intoxicated, that’s for sure,” bus driver Curtis Hall, who drove the Russians to the airport, told The Buffalo News. “They were so drunk they had to carry a couple of the guys onto the bus.”

Hall also mentioned that the players had been honking the bus horn on route to the airport, and that he was forced to wait behind as one player struggled to exit the bus.

The players were said to be “sleeping it off” today at a Days hotel near the airport and are expected to leave for Russia as soon as possible in order to make it home for the country’s Orthodox Christmas on Friday.  And if I know Russians like I think I do, there should be plenty of vodka awaiting their arrival as the celebration has only begun for these under-aged alcoholics.

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