Taiwanese Animation Strikes Again, Thanks To Brett Favre’s Latest Allegations (Video)

Only six days into the new year and already we have ourselves a second animated sports news clip to enjoy, via the Taiwanese.  The first came following President Obama’s approval of the Philadelphia Eagles’ decision to give quarterback Michael Vick a second chance.

As for the Taiwanese’s latest news clip, it deals with a breaking story regarding two former massage therapists of the New York Jets who are filing a lawsuit against the team and Brett Favre for sexual harassment after the 41-year-old gunslinger sent them sexually suggestive text messages.

While playing with the Jets in 2008, Favre allegedly sent two text messages to one of the team’s female massage therapists, one message reading “Brett here, you and Chrissy want to get together I’m all alone”, and the other reading “Kinda lonely tonight, I guess I have bad intentions.”  After reporting the incident, the two women, Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole, were fired from their part-time jobs with the team.  Two years later they have decided to hit Favre and the Jets with a sexual harassment and job discrimination lawsuit.

And according to the Taiwanese, this story also includes a giant slab of meat, a flame throwing phone, and a drooling Favre with a pistol in his pants.  For an explanation on where these items fit in, you’ll have to check out the video below.

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