Mikhail Grabovski Gives Us The Shootout Goal Of The Year (Video)

There is little doubt that whether it is a break-away, penalty-shot or shootout, these one-on-one battles between player and goalie provide some of the most exciting moments a hockey game can offer.  Although, at times they can also provide some rather embarrassing, bloopers.  That may have been the case on Wednesday night thanks to Steven Stamkos, but the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Mikhail Grabovski brought some of the glamor and finesse back to the shootout with this spin-o-rama move against the St. Louis Blues’ Ty Conklin last night.

This goal would help the Leafs draw even with the Blues at one goal apiece in the shootout.  They would eventually prevail, winning the game by a score of 6-5.  The Leafs haven’t been able to give their fans much this season, but Grabovski appears to have given them a first-hand look at the NHL’s best shootout goal of the 2010-11 season.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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