20 oz. And 16 oz. Cups Hold Same Amount Of Beer At Qwest Field? Someone Has Some Explaining To Do (w/ Video Evidence)

Get a few beers in someone and you can sell them on just about anything, right?  Wrong!  It appears as though some of the fans at Seattle’s Qwest Field are just too smart for that.

For some time now fans of the Seahawks have been purchasing beer in 20-ounce cups for $1.25 more than the beer being served in the 16-ounce cups.  It doesn’t sounds like anything out of the ordinary.  After all, paying more for the beer in the larger cup seems perfectly reasonable, until you take a look at the following video.

One very observant fan decided to put the cups to the test, performing his own version of a grade 6 science experiment as he filled the 20-ounce cup with water, then proceeded to pour it all into the 16-ounce cup, and wouldn’t you know it, they both hold the same amount of liquid!

The video was sent to the Seahawks organization, who have since responded with the following statement:

“We received a copy of the YouTube video showing the quantity of liquid served in the 16 oz. beer cup is the same quantity that fits into the 20 oz. beer cup. This is the first time we have been alerted to this fact. Upon our internal investigation this afternoon, we discovered the cups that are marked 16 oz. hold 20 oz. of liquid.

“Fans who purchased a 16 oz. beer actually received 20 oz. of beer for the 16 oz. price. Fans that purchased the 20 oz. beer received the amount they purchased. We are working with Levy Restaurants to follow up with the cup vendor about the measurement and to determine how long this has been occurring at Qwest Field.

“We are determined to find a solution as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we will serve domestic beer in the 20 oz. cup at tomorrow’s playoff game to ensure all fans receive the amount they purchase, and we will charge the 16 oz. price.”

So let me get this straight.  The Seahawks organization has unknowingly been charging $7.25 for 20 oz. beers?  It still seems like a rip-off, if you ask me.

Hat Tip – [Shutdown Corner]

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