Josh Scanlan Accidentally Bowls The Greatest Strike Ever (Video)

Most people couldn’t successfully make a shot like this if they tried.  Fortunately for Josh Scanlan, he wasn’t trying when he accidentally sent the ball soaring into the air, and the end result would be one of the craziest strikes in bowling history.

After watching his ball go airborne, Josh refused to watch the ensuing events.  What he missed was a crazy bounce by his ball off the gutter and into the adjacent lane, where the ball would take yet another crazy bounce before knocking all ten pins down.  Josh did manage to turn around in time to see the ball knock down all the pins for the strike, but he was likely left asking himself, “How did that happen?”

Luckily, we have this video to help him answer that question (0:55 mark).

Hat Tip – [The Huffington Post]

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