Rangers’ Marc Staal Takes An Alex Burrows Spear To The Groin (Video)

Standing in front of a hockey net is certainly not for the faint of heart.  Perhaps the greatest threat one faces when performing that duty on the ice is the possibility of taking a puck off the face, but that is far from the only thing they should be worried about.  Also on that list is the grueling spear-to-the-groin, which at times appears to be just about as painful as a vasectomy.  I bet the New York Rangers’ Marc Staal would agree after having his manhood pitchforked by the Canucks’ Alex Burrows.

And when you consider the fact that Staal was the one who would end up getting penalized on the play, I guess you could say it is almost like he took two shots to the groin in a single shift, courtesy of both Burrows and the referee.

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