This Could Be The Best And/Or Worst Start To A Race You Will See (Video)

One of the most important parts of any race is the start.  Every competitor wants to get out of the gate as quickly and smoothly as possible in order to gain an early advantage on their opponent.  Unfortunately for these eight BMX racers, they were all a little too eager as they jumped the gun and paid the price, simultaneously falling over the front of their bikes and face-planting onto the track.

I like this strategy for preventing false starts more than the new “zero tolerance” false start system that the world’s track-and-field governing body has adopted.  After all, false starts happen, so when they do, why not embarrass the competitors a little rather than disqualify them altogether.  That way there are no delays, no cheaters, and no one gets kicked out of the race.  Everyone wins, especially the fans!

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