Wes Welker Makes 10 Foot References In One Press Conference…Take That Rex Ryan! (Video)

Let the trash talking continue!

After watching Wes Welker make 10 foot references in a single press conference yesterday, the only thing that left me surprised was the fact that I couldn’t hear any laughter coming from those in attendance.  I mean, you can’t tell me that this wasn’t a planned attack by the Patriots’ wide receiver to poke fun at Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan and his highly-publicized foot fetish.  I rarely ever hear anyone use the saying “best foot forward” anymore, let alone three times within a single 10 minute press conference.  And do you really believe Welker thinks three guys all have “great feet”?

So where was the sense of humor from the men and women behind the microphones?  Maybe it just sounds a lot funnier when you edit the entire press conference into a 30 second foot-reference highlight package.

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