Billy Walters Is The Lord Of Gambling (Footage From 60 Minutes)

Will somebody please get me the number and address of Billy Walters!

When it comes to sports gambling, or gambling in general, this guy simply does not lose.  And when he does lose, he makes up for it by winning more the next time.  Has he had losing days?  Yes!  Has he had losing weeks?  Yes!  Has he had losing months?  Yes!  But never a losing year, so he claims.  That is simply remarkable!  It is no wonder people have been digging through this guy’s trash trying to figure out which teams he likes and how much he likes them each week.

There is much more than tons of money and some lucky picks to Billy Walters’ story.  The man that odds makers refer to as “the most dangerous sports bettor in Nevada” has remained somewhat anonymous for some time, but he recently decided to come out and speak with Lara Logan on 60 Minutes.

Here is a closer look at the life of Billy Walters.  If you have ever gambled in your life, this is likely a story you wont want to miss.

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