Frozen Fisticuffs Fight Of The Night — McQuaid vs. Bodie — 1/17/11

With only five minutes remaining in the game and the Boston Bruins leading by a score of 7-0, most of the Carolin Hurricanes’ players had already given up, but there was still one member of the Canes that was looking to win back a bit of respect for his embarrassed team.

That player happened to be Troy Bodie, who dropped the gloves with the Bruins’ Adam McQuaid as these two combatants exchanged several powerful punches before taking this fight to the ice.  McQuaid gets the win in this one, but Bodie has our respect as he was the only Hurricane player to earn his paycheck on this night, and he also earns a spot on our “Frozen Fisticuffs Fight of the Night” for Monday, January 17, 2011 in the process.

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