14-Year-Old Basketball Player Could Be India’s Greatest Export To The USA (Video)

When Yao Ming entered the NBA, it was the start of something big for the league’s worldwide expansion as China suddenly became one of their biggest markets, and they still are.  Evidence of that can be seen in the fact that Yao currently leads all centers in All-Star balloting, despite having played in only five games this season (yes, the Chinese do vote in bunches).

Now it appears as though it may not be long before the NBA ventures into another potentially gigantic overseas market.

The reason for such optimism lies in the seven-foot body of 14-year-old Satnam Singh Bhamara, who was born in India but currently finds himself at Bradenton Florida’s legendary IMG Basketball Academy.  It is there that he has been working on his game with former Miami of Ohio center Nate Vander Sluis.  Singh’s skills still require some serious work, having picked up a basketball for the first time only two years ago, but one aspect of his game that will certainly not be a problem is his size (although it will likely be a big problem for his opposition).  Singh currently wears a size 22 shoe and his father and grandmother stand at a whopping 7’2 and 6’9, respectively, so don’t expect him to stop growing just yet.

For the time being, Singh is expected to remain at the IMG Academy, where he will play for their basketball team and work on his English skills with tutors.

Right now he may be India’s greatest export to the United States, but it may not be long before Satnam Singh Bhamara is responsible for exporting the USA’s very own basketball league back to India.  Here is a closer look at the young giant in action.

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