Adrian Peterson’s Bathroom Visit Gets McDonald’s Worker Fired

Adrian Peterson may be one of the NFL’s top running backs and a franchise player for the Minnesota Vikings, but that doesn’t mean he is above the law when it comes to McDonald’s late-night bathroom rules.  One female employee found that out the hard way.

While working the late-shift at 3 am one morning, the assistant manager at a Minnesota McDonald’s noticed a man was standing at the drive-thru window asking to use the bathroom.  Rules forbid customers from entering the restaurant and using the bathrooms after the seating area has been closed, but when she recognized the man asking to use the facilities was none other than Adrian Peterson, how could she refuse?

However, not long after realizing what had happened, the mother of three was fired by McDonald’s for breaking the rules.  Luckily, she was offered her job back after the local news picked up the story and contacted McDonald’s regarding their decision.

Looks like the next time nature calls, Adrian Peterson is going to have to find himself a bush, much like the rest of us non-football stars.

Hat Tip – [The Consumerist]

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