9 Smart Phone Apps That Are a Must For Every Sports Fan

We are beginning to live in an age where we get any information we want as soon as we want it. This is troubling if you’re a covert spy, but pretty sweet if you’re a sports fan. Before, if you couldn’t make it to the game, you had to find a TV. Now, if you can’t find a TV, you don’t have to find anything, because the information’s coming straight to your phone. I don’t know how, and I don’t want to know. But there it is. And no one gets that information or entertainment to sports fans better than these 9 entries.

9. Let’s Golf HD

This entry differs from most of the others in that it’s not a sports-reporting or information app. It’s strictly and entertainment app. Let’s Golf takes golf, which is almost always fun to play on a console, and strips it down to its simplest features without dumbing it down. The game reads movements well, offers killer graphics, and is pretty addictive. If you’re bored, and sick of Angry Birds, give this a shout.

8. ESPN Scorecenter XL

While it’s a general sports app, like a virtual sportscenter, it’s still hard to get better, timelier information from any other source. Of course you can set up a roster of teams to follow, but you can also receive updates set to the interval you prefer. Quarterly, at the half, or at the end of a game. In addition to the straight data, you get access to ESPN’s daily videos, which means if you miss SportsCenter that morning, you won’t fall behind.

7. MLB AtBat

At $15, this won’t appeal to casual fans they way free apps do, but it’s got loads of interesting features for the MLB die hards who really feel like geeking out. You can view in-game highlights if you subscribe to the MLB package. (And if you own this app, you probably do.) Additionally, you can get the same statistical breakdowns that you can get via webcasts, so if there’s info you’re looking for that it doesn’t provide, you should probably lighten up a bit.

6. NHL Ice Time

While the standard features you get with NHL ice time are more than you’d ever need from a sports news site, they’re not all that more than you can get from a free sports news app in almost any sport. However, for the insane hockey fan, you can get the premium subscription for only five bucks that has player archives with video footage, and video highlights after each period of play, which is almost as good as being there. Almost.

5. NBA Gametime Courtside

NBA Gametime Courtside is a little counterintuitive, as it is at its most useful when you’re already watching the game. As a companion to a live broadcast, Gametime is more useful than a handful of announcers and analysts. It provides the user with shot charts, sub info, and a live court view that’s actually a little redundant if you’re watching the game, but still pretty cool.

4. Fantell March Madness NCAA Predictions

While most of these apps are for fanboys with a serious hobby, this app…well, it’s for fanboys with a serious hobby as well, but there’s normally money involved in this hobby, which is the NCAA tournament. When it comes to the cutthroat world that is your office tourney pool, you will need every edge you can get, so take advantage of this app that gives you head-to-head info, more analysis than you can analyze, and, failing that, it will just tell you who to pick.

3. iSki Trail Maps

Now, this one isn’t for sports fans so much, but they’re nothing wrong with getting off of the couch every once in a while, so I’m including it. iSki trail maps is pretty damn impressive in that, if you are a skier, you can look up over 300 trail maps at the touch of a button, as well as snow and weather reports for most any slopes from the Rockies to Europe. Could you imagine what it would be like to carry 300 trail maps around with you everywhere? Bulky. Even in a parka.

2. Score Mobile

Unlike many of its brethren, this app from the Canadian sports station is free! And of course, more Canada-centric than any other app on this list. (Or in the world for that matter.) You can even get access to live blogs during games that will summarize the action, should you be on a date and can quite make it to a TV. Nice.

1. NFL Live

NFL Live doesn’t create much information on its own, but it does manage to compile all the news from ESPN, Yahoo, and just about every other sports info site on the web, making this the ultimate fantasy football tool. Rather than worry if one specific outlet has it in for your player, you get a dossier on everyone in the NFL, allowing you to make the best decision as to whether that guy starts or rides the pine. And if for any reason you would like to share the app, you can email links right from the app itself.

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