Frozen Fisticuffs Fight Of The Night — Boll vs. Hordichuk — 1/19/11

Don’t be fooled by the speed at which it appears these two combatants are throwing their flurry of punches.  There is no fast forwarding in the video below.  It is all in real time, which is what makes this intense, hi-speed battle between the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Jared Boll and the Florida Panthers’ Darcy Hordichuk an easy choice for the “Frozen Fisticuffs Fight of the Night” for Wednesday, January 19, 2011.

Both fighters went into last night’s match-up with a great amount of respect for one another and I am almost certain that several punches to the face only increased that respect.  Suddenly it appears as though Cam Janssen and Krys Barch may have some competition for “Fight of the Year” in 2011.

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