Smooth Operator Gets A Kiss From A Cheerleader (Video)

This kid may only be about 5-years-old, but that doesn’t mean he is too young to like girls.  Especially girls as hot as this blond cheerleader.

It is kind of creepy the way he lurks behind her for several seconds, poking away and looking back at his parents who are relaying instructions to him.  But in the end he gets the job done, convincing the gorgeous young female to plant a kiss on his cheek.

It may be hard to say the following to such a young kid, but enjoy it now buddy because that may very well be the hottest chick you ever get any action from.  It is too bad kids don’t develop spank-banks that early in their life.  At least he will always have this video to help him remember the good times when he was young enough to pull off such a move with a hottie like that.

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