Panthers’ Cory Stillman Scores With His Face (Video)

Some hockey coaches will say “you should always use your head when out on the ice.”  Others will tell you that “a goal is a goal, no matter how ugly it is.”  I’m guessing Cory Stillman has heard both of these before, and after his first period goal Wednesday night against the Columbus Blue Jackets, there were at least two proud coaches somewhere screaming, “See! I taught him that!”

With the Florida Panthers already up 1-0 midway through the first, Stillman entered the Blue Jackets’ zone and dished the puck off to Radek Dvorak, before driving to the net and deflecting home a rebound off his face.  The 37-year-old winger did experience a slight bit of pain, clutching his face with his glove, but the joy of a goal and a 2-0 lead seemed to have numbed the pain just enough for him to enjoy the celebration.

Unfortunately for Stillman, the Panthers were unable to hold onto the lead as they would go on to lose the game in overtime, 3-2.  That’s a slap in the face both literally and figuratively.

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