Life in The Beer League, Part 2: Later That Evening (Video)

The greatest amateur four-minute look into the life of a beer league hockey player is back with an equally amazing sequel.

The last time we checked in with this 40-year-old couple, they were engaged in an argument that touched on topics regarding the point of spending $500 on recreational hockey, and the importance of a post-game handjob.

Well it appears as though “Gretzky” is home from the big game and he scored his team’s winning goal.  Now he is looking to cash in on that post-game handjob, but his wife is not interested in having anything to do with his smelly, unshowered body, leaving him with no choice but to resort to some computer porn in order to relieve himself.

Here is Life in The Beer League, Part 2: Later That Evening, for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

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