20 Revolting Female Bodybuilders

When you think of female bodybuilders, the word “revolting” immediately springs to mind. For years, men have been drawn to taught, fit women. However, things get dicey when the line moves from taught and fit to “works out until one looks like an androgynous sea creature.” Well, guess which camp the residents of this list fall into? For months and months, we’ve given you, our dear readers, nothing but beautiful women. Well all that changes now. These women are beautiful in their own way, which is a nice way of saying that they’re beautiful in no way at all. Some of these images COULD be Photoshopped. Dear Lord, I hope that some of these images have been Photoshopped. Otherwise…yuck. Here are twenty women who could stand to put down the weights and maybe just stick to power pilates.

Also, please note that I didn’t include the women’s names. Mostly because it’s mean. Actually, it’s mostly because names for photos are hard to look up and no one cares. But also because using real names would be mean. So I juxtaposed female celebrity names with the images. Fun, right?

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