Yohandry Orozco Dances Around Five Defenders, Scores A Beauty For Venezuela (Video)

Argentina has Lionel Messi.  Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo.  Sweden has Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  And I guess Venezuela has Yohandry Orozco.

Sure, this 19-year-old may not be quite as recognizable as the three men mentioned before him, but this goal during an Under-20 World Cup qualifier on Monday against Peru should help put his name on the map.  With his country trailing 1-0 late in the match, Orozco picked up the ball at midfield and proceeded to dance around several defenders with some skillful dribbling before burying a screamer from outside the 18-yards box into the top corner of the net.

It therefore only seemed appropriate to see his squad celebrate by kneeling before this teenage prodigy who may very well be the savior of Venezuelan soccer.  At the very least, he was a savior on this night as he managed to salvage a single point for his team thanks to this flash of brilliance.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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