I Want This Woman At My Super Bowl Party! (Video)

I may not be a Steelers fan, but seeing as how they are 2.5-point underdogs, I can’t find a reason not to put my money on the team that has now been to three of the past six Super Bowls; especially when they are getting points.  And if I am going to be cheering for the Black and Gold, what better way to do so than with this busty blond in her body-painted Steelers uniform by my side.  Hopefully it ends up being a good game for Pittsburgh.  After all, the more big plays the AFC Champions make, the more we can expect to see those funbags bounce up and down as she jumps for joy.

With only ten days remaining until the big game, it looks like time is running out for us to find this female and bring her to my Super Bowl party.  Let the search begin!

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