9 Examples of Fans Behaving Badly

While this list could be comprised entirely of Philadelphia-area transgressions, I chose to broaden the horizons of the list a bit and include some other fan bases as well (even if the stuff Philly fans do is way, way worse). That said, it’s amazing how much of this behavior is contained in the Northeast. Sunny, temperate places seem to have better-adjusted fans. So if you are thinking about being a jerk when attending a sporting event, please relocate to the south and try to get your head straight. Here are the 9 instances of fans behaving badly.

9. The Artest Melee

People remember the players at fault here, but the fans at the Palace were no angels either. They were dumping beer and chucking trash at the ejected players, which caused the legendary riot that broke the fourth wall and made basketball an interactive sport for the first time in ages. They didn’t really think they could throw trash at Ron Artest and get away with it, did they?

8. Snowball Fight

In 1989, the Cowboys went to visit their division rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles at Veterans Stadium. The snow hadn’t been cleared out of the stadium in a few days, so the Eagles fans did the polite thing and pelted the holy hell out of the Cowboys, including coach Jimmy Johnson. Even future Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell got in on the action, demonstrating that in Philly, the politicians lead by example. Note: Footage isn’t available of this instance, so here’s an equally charming video of Eagles fans.

7. Batteries at J.D. Drew

J.D. Drew had left the Phillies after an impasse in contract negotiations, so when he came back to Philly as a Cardinal, one can imagine how hospitable the fans were. That is to say, not at all. In fact, instead of rolling out the red carpet, they chucked batteries at him. Who brings batteries to a ball game to throw at athletes? Any fan in Philadelphia, that’s who. Stay classy.

6. Flyers Fans Destroy Montreal Journalist’s Car

Hey, what do you know? We’re back in Philly for this one, only this time it’s hockey fans. One has to wonder if they knew who the target of their vandalism was in this instance or if it’s just a bad coincidence. In any event, Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette stepped out of the Wachovia Center to find three of his tires slashed and the bug deflector (!) ripped off of his car after a Canadiens-Flyers game. Well, at least they do their homework.

5. Maryland Fans Get Rowdy Against Duke

Everyone likes to step their game up against Duke, including the fans. However, when the fans don’t have anything clever up their sleeve, they will often just get loud and violent as Maryland fans did in March of last year against the Blue Devils. 27 fans were arrested, beer bottles were thrown, and you can clearly hear the “F*** Duke” chants on Youtube videos. Not their finest hour.

4. 8 Year-old Boy Gets Heckled By Browns Fans

When a little kid is wearing a Jets jersey to a Browns game, one would expect a bit of immunity from the taunts and heckles that get tossed to fans wearing the opposing colors. On account of the fact that, you know, he’s 8. Well, Cleveland fans showed him no quarter, screaming profanities at him until he had to be escorted out by his parents, crying. Cleveland fans have a lot of pent-up rage because their team has been awful since time immemorial, but there’s no excuse for this behavior.

3. Rutgers Fans Pay Respect to the Armed Forces

Just because a football team is comprised of members that have signed up to die for their country doesn’t mean that fans of the Scarlett Knights aren’t going to give them hell. At a Rutgers game in 2007, fans decided to show their thanks to the Navy players with the repetitive drone “F*** Navy, f*** Navy” etc, etc. Well, that’s one way to go about it. Not New Jersey’s finest hour. Does New Jersey even have a finest hour?

2. Yankees Fans Make It Rain…Trash

New York Yankees fans were a little miffed they were getting outdone in the ALCS, so they responded the only way they knew how: by chucking trash at the Rangers bullpen. Their well-thought-out plan didn’t work very well, as they lost the game and the series, but I’m sure if they keep up that type of behavior, they’ll enjoy a long, fruitful streak of victory and enjoy the respect of teams throughout the league. So don’t go giving up on that behavior because it didn’t work out, NYC. No one likes a quitter.

1. Drunk Phillies Fan Throws Up On Girl

Matthew Clemens was being a little profane for the tastes of the father and daughter sitting in front of him at a Philly’s game, so when his friend was escorted out for being drunk and loud, Clemens did the decent thing and gagged himself and threw up all over the father, an off-duty police officer. Fortunately, this deed did not go unpunished, and Clemens was hit with an aggravated assault charge.

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