Fan On A Date Shows Up Wizards Mascot G-Man (Video)

The Washington Wizards organization thought they would try something a little different during a break in the action at a recent game as they gave fans the opportunity to spring from a trampoline and perform a dunk, much like G-Man and his Secret Service dunkers do.  It seemed like an odd idea, but how bad could it be, right?

Not bad at all!  In fact, it turned out to be quite amazing, thanks to one guy on his cell phone who was looking to impress his date.

After the first three fans failed to execute their dunks, the fourth fan stepped up, cell phone in hand, and threw down a nasty front-flip one-handed slam before performing several back-flips across the court.  Needless to say, I am fairly certain Eddy got some action from his date later on that night.

Hat Tip – [BuzzFeed]

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