Kurt Suzuki Joins The “I Can Jump Out Of A Pool” Club (Video)

Boy has the ability to jump out of a pool lost its luster over the past year.  It was amazing the first time we saw New York Jets’ defensive lineman Jarron Gilbert perform this feat during his days with San Jose State; and it was still impressive when former UFC champion B.J. Penn executed it while training for his title defense against Kenny Florian back in July of 2009.  You may even remember one of Penn’s trainers say only three men in the world had successfully did it.

Well that was then.

Now many more have stepped up and performed this exercise in front of the camera, including the Oakland Athletics’ Kurt Suzuki.  And now that a baseball player has done it, we probably wont be making such a big deal anytime someone executes this trick in the future.

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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