Ice Skater Transforms From Novice To Expert Right Before Our Eyes (Video)

Improv Everywhere really is everywhere, including New York’s Bryant Park, where they pulled their latest stunt.

As hundreds of skaters made their way off the outdoor public skating rink so that the ice could be resurfaced by a zamboni, one man in a tacky Christmas sweater and matching scarf appeared to be having some difficulty following the orders of the skate guards.

With everyone off the ice and the zamboni waiting to do its job, the man remained at the center of the rink, struggling to maintain his balance.  Hundreds of people looked on, laughing, giggling and pointing as the man picked himself up from off the ice, but suddenly something strange happened.  The man who just seconds earlier appeared to have never strapped on a pair of ice skates in his life had unexpectedly transformed from a novice to an expert in front of their very own eyes.

Some of the onlookers appeared to enjoy the show.  Others were probably just happy to see the man finally make it off the ice so they could get back to skating.

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