Linus Klasen Scores A Spectcular Spin-O-Rama Shootout Goal (Video)

Now where was this move during the NHL All-Star Skills Competition?

I simply don’t get it.  Every year the NHL seems to give their Breakaway Challenge a shot and every year the participants seem to disappoint us with their lack of creativity.  After all, how many times can we watch a player scoop the puck up with his stick, carry it all the way down the ice and miss the net before we’ve finally had enough?

With the best players in the world playing in the NHL, you would think their Breakaway Challenge would produce the greatest highlight reel goals, but that has been far from the case this year.

Earlier in the season it was the CHL Top Prospects Skills Competition that left us in awe, and today we bring you another spectacular shootout goal  This one comes from the AHL’s Skills Competition, which was also held this weekend.  And thanks to some brilliance from 24-year-old Nashville Predators prospect Linus Klasen, the event would not be completely overshadowed by the NHL’s All-Star festivities.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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