Eduardo Najera Takes A Trip Into The Front Row, Grabs Himself A Beer (Video)

Had this been a New Jersey Nets game, Charlotte Bobcats forward Eduardo Najera may have been lucky enough to land in the lap of Kim Kardashian after chasing down a loose ball.  Unfortunately for him, on this night his team was visiting the Utah Jazz, and that meant Najera would land in the lap of some random lady instead.

Unlike some female spectators in the past, who have seemingly enjoyed having a basketball star sit on them, this woman doesn’t appear to be satisfied at all about getting up close and personal with the Mexican-born forward.

At least Najera was kind enough to flag down a beer vendor for a refill.  Although, in true Mexican fashion he did appear to have some difficulty refraining from taking a sip of his own.

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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