15 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time (Including 4 Banned Ads)

5. Banned GoDaddy – Basic Instinct

Needless to say, we are not going to get the same vantage point in this commercial that audiences got while watching Sharon Stone’s interrogation in Basic Instinct, but by national TV standards, this little number is still pretty racy. Like we would expect anything less from those purveyors of class at GoDaddy.

4. PETA –Veggie Love

For all its noble ends, there is little question that PETA relies more heavily on sex to sell its beliefs than any other company out there. I’m not complaining, I’m just commenting. The scam is pretty clear at this point: they don’t have enough money for a Super Bowl ad, so every year they make some lascivious commercial that’s “too hot” for the network, then millions of people go look it up on YouTube. And apparently, I’m helping their cause. Here ya go.

3. Carl’s Jr. – Paris Hilton

This is the “extended” commercial that didn’t make it past the censors. Or Carl’s Jr. couldn’t pay to air the extra 30 seconds. Whatever. If you want to see an EXTRA 30 seconds of Paris sluttin’ it up, this is your Woodstock.

2. Banned Powerade – Bikinis

OK, I can totally see why this one was banned. Close ups of boobs, unnecessary wetness, perv behind a tree, munchin’ on a banana. I still won’t drink Powerade, but I’ll watch that commercial a few more times.

1. Banned Ashley Madison

I can’t figure out if the material in this ad is too sexy or if it’s just the sleazy purpose of the company that kept this spot off the airwaves. I do like the idea of tons of families gathered around the TV together, being told how to cheat on each other.

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