Brazilian Keeper Scores, Tears ACL Celebrating (Video)

If I ever coached my own soccer team, I would be sure to implement the following rule:

Goalies are banned from partaking in any sort of celebration.  No matter what the occasion, whether they have just made a save on a penalty shot, scored a goal, or won a championship, they are prohibited from engaging in any type of celebratory act.

Although this may seem like a rather harsh rule, it really isn’t.  When they aren’t resulting in the unlikeliest of goals, these celebrations often tend to result in unnecessary injuries, as was the case after Sport Recife goalkeeper Saulo headed home a game-winning goal in extra time during Monday’s match against Vitoria.

I hope he enjoyed his brief moment in the sun because he will be spending the next six months on the sideline with a torn ACL.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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