14-Year-Old Jamar Ergas Performs An In-Game 360 Dunk (Video)

At 14 years of age, Jamar Ergas is not even in high school, but his high-flying in-game dunks look like something you would expect to see during a college or professional basketball game.  What is even more surprising than his age is the fact that Ergas is a Canadian kid who hails from the suburbs of Toronto.

Canada is not exactly a hotbed for NBA talent, but that may soon change.  A few years back we showcased another young Canadian basketball prodigy by the name of Andrew Wiggins, who was still in elementary school but had been receiving tons of attention from top college programs in America.  Ergas appears to be headed down the same path, as his play has garnered plenty of looks from some of the NCAA’s elite basketball programs.  And much like Wiggins before him, Ergas is also expected to attend Christian Faith Center Academy in Creedmoor, North Carolina for his freshman high school season.

The move is expected to increase his national exposure.  We expect the clip below of Ergas performing a 360 dunk to do the same.

Hat Tip – [Prep Rally]

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