Obnoxious Celebration Earns Danish Footballer A Punch In The Face (Video)

After all of the showboating and overzealous celebrations that we have seen in the game of football, it is about time someone took a punch in the face for these obnoxious acts.

All that sitting on toilets, giving birth to balls, Lady Gaga impersonations and Arabian Nights themes were really beginning to agitate me, and perhaps I wasn’t the only one.  Spanish U-21 defender Victor Ruiz appeared to be fed up with all the disrespectful acts of jubilation as well, so when Danish U-21 striker Billie Nielsen decided to wave his arms in the face of Ruiz following a Denmark goal, the Spaniard reacted in what he felt was the most appropriate manner; by punching the Dane square in the face.

Perhaps this is just the beginning of some awesome new trend aimed to rid the game of these obnoxious acts.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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