John Carew’s Tattoo: My Life, My…Menstruation? (Pic)

During his time with Lyon of France’s Ligue 1, John Carew may have picked up some of the French language, but apparently not enough.  Now playing in the English Premier League with Stoke City, Carew decided to turn back to his French roots with a neck tattoo that reads, “Ma Vie, Mes Régles.”

I never quite understood the notion behind getting a tattoo in a language that one is not adequately fluent in.  How can they be so sure that the permanent ink being etched into their body truly means what they had intended?  How can they be so sure that the phrase being inscribed on their neck doesn’t actually read, “My Life, My Menstruation”?

That is the phrase that Carew will have to live with for some time as he had intended for his tattoo to read “My Life, My Rules.”  However, rules in french is spelled “règles”, as opposed to “régles” which acquires an entirely different meaning when the accent above the “e” is inverted.

It is a good thing tattoos aren’t permanent…Oh, wait!  They are!

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